If you want to know the islands which are located near Viganj, go to this menu, in which not only showing their beauty, but also myths and legends of each.


The town of Korčula is situated on the island of the same name and it encompasses administratevely the settlements: Lumbarda, Račišće, Zrnovo, Pupnat, Cara and the town of Korčula itself. Korkyra Melaina – the forrested Korčula, as it was named by the ancient Greeks – is known by the beauty of its nature and by the richness of historical, cultural, and traditional heritage. The medieval town of Korčula, encircled by walls and towers, was erected and richly ornamented by local stone-masters in the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries. The greatest among them all was Marko… (READ MORE)


Is a group of islands in Korčula Archipelago, located in Pelješac Channel. There are all together 19 small islands that form this archipelago. Their names are: Badija, Kamenjak, Gojak, Planjak, Vrnik, Majsan, Majsanic, Gubavac, Knezic, Bisace, Sutvara, Stupe, Baretica, Lucnjak, Sestrice (Vela and Mala Sestrica), Gubavac and Skripnjak.

Škoji Islands are located near the eastern end of the island of Korčula, islands are popular destination for day trips from surrounding area with taxi boats or by renting a boat. Some of the… (READ MORE)


Mljet is for many tourists one of the islands lost at sea. That is the island to which is actually hard to come to, but don’t let the landscape, which is mentioned in stories of Odyseus, Saint Paul, Benedictines and mediterranean monk seal, remains hidden from you. Mljet is undentes elongated island, wide on average 3 km, and long 37 km. It is the island of variety and contrast, and National park Mljet occupies its northern part, which extends over the area of 5.375 hectars of protected land and the surrounding sea. That area was declared National park on 11 november… (READ MORE)


Lastovo is a beautiful island situated in south Croatia, in Dalmatia region. It attracts numerous tourists with its natural beauties and crystal, clean sea. The green forests and 46 cultivated valleys (mostly vineyards and olive trees) are spread over its 56 km². Lastovo island is surrounded by 46 smaller islands and cliffs with untouched nature and numerous bays. Lastovo is among ten Mediterranean islands that have the most preserved original value of untouched nature and beauty.The Lastovo archipelago was declared a Nature Park in 2006.There are more than 30 churches and… (READ MORE)

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