Viganj as the village was first mentioned in land registry books from Republic of Dubrovnik in 1336th as Vigel and Vighen, although is much older origin. For only the origin of the name Viganj is related more then one legend. According to one, it is related to the name of the neighboring villages Nakovana and Kuciste. The legend says that once upon a time lived three brothers, the sons of blacksmith, one of which is inherited “kuciste” (the house and garden), another inherited viganj (blacksmith’s bellows), and… (VIŠE)


Viganj is located in a large bay, west of promontory St. Liberan, on the edge of a flush fertile zone. Above Viganj are located  picturesque old hamlets Basina, Brainica, Dol, Pirovica selo, Njakarino, Sokolovo, Dujmovica, Podac, Jerkovo, Sapetino, Cikatica (Kovacevic), Gagica, Kraljevica, Habica Selo. Promontory Saint John, as the west boundery of Viganj and place were Pelješac channel ends, with old church of same name on top of the hill, offers a unique view  and unforgettable sunsets. At northeast of Viganj is located  St. Elijah (961m), a popular destination…. (VIŠE)

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