Viganj is located in a large bay, west of promontory St. Liberan, on the edge of a flush fertile zone. Above Viganj are located  picturesque old hamlets Basina, Brainica, Dol, Pirovica selo, Njakarino, Sokolovo, Dujmovica, Podac, Jerkovo, Sapetino, Cikatica (Kovacevic), Gagica, Kraljevica, Habica Selo. Promontory Saint John, as the west boundery of Viganj and place were Pelješac channel ends, with old church of same name on top of the hill, offers a unique view  and unforgettable sunsets. At northeast of Viganj is located  St. Elijah (961m), a popular destination for mountain excursions, and on north boundery  protected archaeological area of mystic Nakovana.

In the central part of Viganj dominates Dominican monastery and church Our Lady of Rosaria , built in 1671 st. by Marko Krstelj, a local shipowner. The church is a one-nave building, and on the main altar is a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The church keeps a wooden statue of Madonna with Child and a renaissance bust of a saint. On north you can find a parish church of St. Michael, buillt in Gothic period and expanded in 1760. The bay is decorated with old stone villas, houses that once were homes of famous sailors and seamen and now they are slowly reopening their doors to its guests, proud as they used to be.

Back in 1936 in Viganj was established tourist organization, the first in this part of the Adriatic, and today is economic basis along with fishing and agriculture. It has a pleasant climate with warm winters, protected by mountains from northern winds and facing south, wich is always warmer, Viganj has 3600 sunny hours per year, from early spring until late autumn abounds with mistral wind. Viganj, which is also a harbor for small boats and a great destination for peaceful vacationers, but most of all for lovers of active holidays, windsurf and kitesurfing, hiking, cycling, speleology, paragliding and water polo.

This little town has a lot of fun festivities that will attract you and make you feel like at home. Summer is always interesting when  festivals are takeing place on open air organized by locals with live band or klapa (vocal core-tipycal in Dalmatia) accompanied  with  fish and wine. In the winter time traditionally is organized, locally famous, Carnival celebration.Viganj has many  taverns and bars and mostly are located on the beach or at seaside. During summer time, bars organize many partys and live music nights wich attract not only young people, but all those who like to be entertain. Gastronomic offer is diverse and rich, and offers for every palate somewhat.

In the center, next to the Dominican monastery there is a supermarket and in the immediate vicinity is a ship departing point for the town of Korčula. In Viganj there is many houses and villas for rent, as well as several camps, tourists in particular like homemade products, offered by locals. Swimmers will love the numerous naturaly clear peable beaches along coastline of Viganj, especially Ponta, central beach ideal for wind and kitesurfing where you can take lessons in two schools, beautiful beach Ploce, below the hamlet of Basina and two isolated nudist beachs below St. John (Church) far from civilisation, a true paradise waiting to be discovered.

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